Beautiful Black Businesswomen

Helping your business blossom.

Welcome to Beautiful Black Businesswomen (BBBW)!!!

Connecting black businesswomen via networking, vendor events and professional/business growth.

Why BBBW? What can I hope to gain?

  • Network with other business owners
  • Participate with affordable BBBW vendor events to showcase your products/services
  • Find out about non-BBBW vendor events in the area
  • Get feedback about ways to improve your business
  • Opportunites to expand your business and client base
  • Empower and encourage each other

"It takes the support of others to experience success." -SST

What is Beautiful?

  • Beautiful is being confident, embracing and loving everything about YOU!
  • Beautiful is within and illuminates outward.
  • When a woman can look at herself and accepts who and what she is (including any flaws) and embrasses her individuality, its beautiful.
  • Beautiful is excellence.
  • Beautiful is being considerate, respectful, mindful, patient, intelligent, funny and hardworking.
  • Beautiful is black women coming together to network and share.
  • Being confident in yourself.
  • Everything that God created.
  • Beautiful, is excellence
  • One of the most beautiful things is being able to help and inspire others to pursue their dreams.
  • Living life to have no regrets and embracing the good.
  • The differences that separate us and the things that unite us as one. 


Members of Chicago Beautiful Black Businesswomen Meetup